Welcome to SCA

This is the home of the Strawberry Community Association, a non-profit established to improve local government and make it more accountable to the residents of Strawberry, and to improve policy regarding development in the area, through research, public education, public advocacy and other programs and activities.

We’re all residents of Strawberry who share an interest in having a voice in our community and how it’s developed, and we have a deep concern that our neighborhood is about to be changed significantly by special interests, regional planners and laws from Sacramento who shouldn’t have a say, and that our elected officials aren’t standing up to protect us adequately.

The biggest issue right now is that Strawberry has been designated a Priority Development Area (PDA) in “Plan Bay Area,” a multi-year plan concocted by regional planners from all over the Bay Area.  We want our Supervisor, Kate Sears to withdraw us from this purely voluntary designation (as others in Marin have been) but she refuses to acknowledge us.

Go here for more information on the PDA