Housing Element

The county’s 2012 Draft Marin County Housing Element of the Countywide Plan targets specific neighborhoods – including part of the Golden Gate Baptist Seminary – as high-density housing.

It was passed in September by the Marin Board of Supervisors over vocal protests by communities ranging from Novato to Strawberry, due to:

  • overbroad assignment of designated locations
  • inadequate environmental review
  • improper prioritizing of locations

In addition to the Housing Element, the Supervisors passed a number of changes to the county’s Development Code that made sweeping changes to zoning throughout the county.  It’s clear from their actions that the current set of Supervisors is embracing an approach to developing the county that is out of touch with their constituents.

A lawsuit has been filed against the county by the Marin County Alliance, claiming that the Housing Element was passed inappropriately, given the inadequacy of the Environmental Impact Report.  You can read about them or donate to their cause here.

Another Housing Element is due in 2014 for the next 8 years – join us in sending them a message to remind them they are elected to carry out OUR wishes!

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