Strawberry Community Plan / Seminary Master Plan

The governing documents of Strawberry are the Strawberry Community Plan (created in 1973 and amended in 1982) and the Seminary Master Plan (created in 1984, following the amended 1982 Strawberry Community Plan).

Strawberry Community Plan

The Strawberry Community Plan documents can be found here:
1973 Strawberry Community Plan
1982 Strawberry Community Plan amendments

The Strawberry Community Plan provides long-term guidance for all parties about the vision for Strawberry.  It’s created by the community, with help from the county planning commission, and approved/adopted by the county as the governing document for issues like growth, housing and land use, schools, traffic and transportation, water, sewage and fire protection.

The original 1973 plan is more comprehensive regarding general land use for what was then a larger Strawberry – including more area west of 101 (out to Edna Maguire school) and north of Tiburon Blvd east of Strawberry Drive.

The 1982 amendments largely focus on 4 areas of development – Strawberry Point, DeSilva Island, Watertank Hill (the area of Vista del Sol and Vista Real), and the Seminary.  All of these have now been fully developed, with the exception of the Seminary.

In addition to setting limitations for specific development, both these plans provide general guidelines and goals for community amenities, housing balance and transportation.

Seminary Master Plan

The Seminary Master Plan is a document created by the Seminary with community involvement that details how and how much development can happen in the Seminary, within the context of the Strawberry Community Plan.  The 1984 update to the Seminary Master Plan, which was originally created in 1955, came directly from the 1982 update to the Strawberry Community Plan.

The 1984 Seminary Master Plan, describes some additional school and administration buildings, along with a description of specific housing units and sizes that are allowed for additional development.  The 1984 Plan also allows for the Seminary to raise money through the building and sale of market rate homes along Willis, Chapel, Mission and what is now the gated community of Seminary Cove.

The components of the 1984 Seminary Master Plan can be found here:
Exhibit B Map
Exhibit B
County Ordinance and Modifications

Both the Strawberry Community Plan and the Seminary Master Plan were conceived and approved with the expectation that the Seminary would continue to be the owner/occupant of the 125+ acre property.

While it’s not light reading, it’s important for as many members of the community to become familiar with these documents – approved by the county as the governing documents for our area – as new plans are proposed with the sale of the Seminary.

Please take a night to download these and get acquainted with them.