Strawberry Community Meeting 7pm, January 12 at the Rec Center

Please join us for a community meeting (our 3rd) at the Rec Center at 7pm Sunday, January 12 (the football game should be over!).

It’s a new year, and the window is officially open for PDA designations to be removed, so now is our time!  In addition, the planning is just beginning for the 2015 Housing Element discussion.  Now is the time to start having an effect on county planning.

Guest speaker Bob Silvestri, author of “The Best Laid Plans: Our Planning and Affordable Housing Challenges in Marin,” will join us to talk about “Beyond Plan Bay Area” – what else we can expect to deal with now that Plan Bay Area is in place.

We’ll follow that with a review of the progress we’ve made, what’s happening throughout the county, and how you can help us keep our Strawberry neighborhood from being the focus of development for the next 25 years.  It’s a critical time to get the PDA designation removed, and we’ve never had a higher profile or more support throughout the county.  But we need to be the loudest voice in our destiny.

Sign up for blog updates on the right side of this page to stay current on events.  Join us Sunday night at the Rec Center at 7pm.  And tell a friend or neighbor to join us as well.