Strawberry Community Plan / Seminary Master Plan

There will be a lot of conversation in the next few months about these documents.

The Strawberry Community Plan and Seminary Master Plan are the guiding documents for the Strawberry community.  They were created by the community, with help from the county Planning Department, and officially adopted by the county as the governing master plans for the area.

We’ve made these documents available here, along with a little background.

The prospective buyers who currently have the Seminary under contract (but not yet purchased) have developed proposals for the 125+ acre seminary land, including a new day school (currently in discussion with Branson) rather than the on-campus residential school we’ve had in the Seminary  for the last 55 years, and 300 general market apartments rather than the student / faculty housing that was approved in the 1984 Seminary Master Plan.

A key point in the approval of any plan proposed by the buyers of the Seminary will be, does their proposal comply with these governing documents?  If not, what is the community’s opinion on the proposal?

It is critical that everyone in Strawberry gain a basic understanding of these documents to have an informed opinion on the upcoming proposals.

Please come to the community meeting at the Rec Center next Sunday, 4/27 at 7pm to hear about the new proposals and get a synopsis of the most important points of these governing plans.