Larkspur SAP, and a Tuesday night at the Lark Theater

Join us at a viewing of “Rebels with a Cause” at the Lark Theater in Larkspur at 7pm tonight and contribute to the fight against excessive development in Marin.


While we’re looking at the events going on in Strawberry, there are significant events happening throughout Marin – most notably the Larkspur Station Area Plan.

With the advent of the SMART train to Larkspur, the Larkspur City Council accepted a grant from MTC to evaluate options of what to do with the area around the new Larkspur Station (essentially Larkspur Landing, including the Ferry Building area, the mall and several properties in the area, including properties of the Ross Valley Sanitary District).

The most aggressive proposal is to build over 900 new units of housing (5 TIMES the WinCup building housing) at one of the worst intersections in the Bay Area, which regularly backs up traffic to Strawberry and often back to the Golden Gate Bridge.

(This traffic is why the county is planning to put metering lights at 101 onramps from the Golden Gate Bridge up to Larkspur.)

Bizarrely, this plan is put forward in the name of reducing greenhouse gases and traffic, though the plan itself acknowledges that it will increase both.  There’s no reason for this much building – the Larkspur Housing Element doesn’t call for it, even the required housing for all of unincorporated Marin is only 183 units – other than that developers and regional agencies want to develop Marin.

The Larkspur City Council who started this debacle – this is NOT the work of the County Supervisors – needs to hear from the whole county that this plan is ludicrous and that they need to build ZERO units at the 101/Sir Francis Drake intersection.  This will affect all of us in Marin county.

Visit for more information, or come see a great movie tonight (Tuesday) about the legacy of saving Marin from excessive development and preserving this beautiful place we call home.

Thanks for your support!