Strawberry Survey about the Seminary Property

People who missed the April 27 meeting about Strawberry’s future development and the Seminary property proposal have been asking about the meeting and where they can find the survey handed out there.

It’s hard to condense the presentation into a blog post.  The key points about the scope of the proposal on the table from the people who have the Seminary property under contract (but not closed on the sale) are in the survey document, which you can find below

But these are really the key points of the meeting:
* there are county-approved plans in place that guide development of all of Strawberry (the Strawberry Community Plans of 1973 and 1982) and specifically what can be developed on the Seminary property (the Seminary Master Plan of 1984).
* development plans that vary from those documents require updating those plans, which requires community involvement and review
* we believe that the current proposal does not comply with either the Strawberry Community Plan or the Seminary Master Plan
* we want to be able to tell the prospective buyers (and the County) the specific areas of concern the Strawberry community has about the general scope of the plan before getting into details, as well as what Strawberry residents would like to see happen with the Seminary property in the event of a sale.

More details are available in the survey here: Seminary Property Survey